Friday, January 02, 2009

Computers & Barges

I've been playing with my computer today - changing over from IE to Firefox as my browser, and setting it up to get my comcast e-mail in my gmail mailbox. Comcast changed their web e-mail format a few months ago, and I really hate it. I finally decided to try the gmail switch and change to Firefox all at once. I did have to spend some time on the phone with Kate to get it set up, but I'm most happy with it now.

Our RiverBarge trip from Chattanooga to St. Louis in July has been cancelled. In fact, we got a letter today, and the RiverBarge company has cancelled the whole year - because of the slow economy and lack of bookings. We're devastated - not only because of our trip, but because of the whole situation. However, this just reinforces our belief that this is really a "class act" company - to realize this, and just cancel the whole season - and recoup in 2010. Some other company might have just hung on to the deposits and gotten in deeper and deeper before going belly-up. I hope they can make a comeback.

Today's photo is of the River Explorer docked in Decatur, AL.

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