Saturday, January 31, 2009

Only basketball today.

We have done absolutely nothing today, except watch basketball games. All of our teams who played today won - the Lady Mocs beat UNCGreensboro, the UTC Mocs beat GASouthern, and the Vols beat Florida. We never even put "real" clothes on - just wore sweats all day long.

Kate and Wayne are still without power. She said they tried to do some clearing in the yard, but kept getting hit by falling chunks of ice. They have gotten out of the house, and said they couldn't believe the number of power poles that were just broken off. It'll be a while before power is fully restored in the Ohio Valley. She is going back to work tonight - trying to get things working again.

It is great to know that all of our chicks are where they're supposed to be, even if some are without electricity.

Today's photos are from google about the ice storm.

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