Monday, January 26, 2009

Maybe on Friday

I had my mammogram today. The tech told me that they'd be sending the results to the doctor, and a card to me. I didn't get a call this afternoon for additional films, so I'm going to take that to mean that everything was okay. We shall see.

Jesse is in Kuwait for "decompression". He told his mom he'd probably be home sometime Friday. She's still not sure how certain that is. She's going to let us know as soon as she knows something for sure. He'll probably fly into Nashville, and if we have enough lead time, we'll be there for sure (we're about 2+ hours from the Nashville airport).

We went to the Lady Mocs game tonight - Lady Mocs 68, Furman 52. During half-time, an 8th-grade percussion group from a local middle school played a number on garbage cans - some metal and some plastic. It was FANTASTIC!!!!

It's looking better for Allan to be able to move back to Chattanooga. He's been doing a lot of real legal work on this trip, and making a bunch of solid contacts. He'll be leaving on Thursday, and then probably be back again in about a month. This is more good news.

Thanks so much to all of you folks out there who have celebrated with us about Jesse's homecoming. Of course, I'll be posting photos. Today's photo was taken when he was here before he shipped out last spring.

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