Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy Tuesday

It got really warm today - up around 60 - ahead of the front that is now hammering the Ohio Valley, and west into MO, OK, and TX. We'll be getting that over the next few days. Fortunately, we won't be getting the ice and snow.

Allan was doing some legal work for Vicki this morning, so he went into the Gallery with me this morning. Matt called to tell us that the movers were at their apartment in Knoxville, and that he and Amanda would be heading to Atlanta. They wanted to stop and have lunch with us when they drove through. So we had a great late lunch at Logan's. It was great to hear about their move, jobs, plans, etc.

John and I each got great naps this afternoon. They were greatly needed and overdue. It was sweet!

We still don't know exactly when Jesse will be coming in, but we'll be there!

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