Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody has gotten as much football as desired. John didn't really watch much. Bowl games used to be better when there were only four of them (Orange, Sugar, Cotton, and Rose) and only the best teams got to play. Oh, well... But he read the entire J.A.Jance book (Cruel Intent) read - I just got it from the library yesterday.

We did almost nothing today. We slept late and took naps. I'll bet the YMCA parking lot will be full tomorrow with folks starting on their New Year resolutions to lose weight and get fit. That happens every year, but it usually lasts only about a month.

We made one unusual discovery this morning - we have no 2009 calendars. That's amazing - we usually get 2-3 free ones. Guess everybody's cutting back. We'll check tomorrow and see what we can find on sale.

Today's photo is an orchid in the Ocean Journey building of the Tennessee Aquarium.
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