Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Surgery Eve

John's big day is tomorrow. The hospital called this afternoon and, unfortunately, they've pushed back his surgery to about 11 a.m. He's to be at the hospital at 9 (instead of 6:30). We don't have to get up so early, but he hates the idea of sitting around waiting, with no food or coffee. Judy brought us some beef stew this afternoon, which certainly did make a great "last meal" for our boy.

Tonight we watched The Illusionist. It's described as: "Set in early 1900s Vienna, (this) romantic thriller centers on (an) illusionist...who falls for an aristocrat well above his social standing." It's beautifully filmed, and is a pretty good story. Not a bad evening's entertainment.

We also watched an old (probably first season) episode of NCIS. That's such a good show. It was then, and is now, four (I think) seasons later.

We saw a couple of familiar buildings in the scenes of Vienna in the movie tonight. Tonight's photo is of the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna (which was not seen in the movie).

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