Thursday, January 03, 2008


I really do hate doing stupid things! I just had to "frog" (rip out) about 12 hours worth of work on the sweater I'm doing for Kate. At least I had overdone the very long rows, and I don't have nearly as much to do as I thought I did. But what a pain!! Anyhow, I hope I'm on the downhill side now. Sorry, Kate.
I had an idea of what I was going to write about tonight. And discovering my error, and turning the air blue while I was RIPPING out those rows, knocked all that out of my head.

The results are in from Iowa. And they are interesting. Democrats picked Obama first, with Edwards and Clinton tied for second. Republicans picked Huckabee, then Romney, with Thompson and McCain tied for third. And more people participated than anyone had predicted. The pundits on Nightline compared Obama's speech tonight to his wonderful speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.
I was reminded of another spellbinding convention speech by Tennessee's then-governor Frank G. Clement, at the Democratic convention in 1965. If the media coverage then was equal to what we have now, Frank Clement might have gotten to be as well-known across the country at Barak Obama became after his speech. Here's a link to an article in Wikipedia.

It's been so cold today, today's photo is another snow scene from Colorado.
p.s. Jean asked if I took all the photographs. Either John or I took all the photos. Travel and photography are our passions, and we do lots of both. Today's photo is one of John's. Glad you enjoy them.

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