Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Somebody ran into Andy yesterday (his birthday) - did major damage to his car, but fortunately, not to him. I'm sure he'll be really sore over the next few days and weeks, though. It'll probably be a day or so before they decide if the car is totalled. Poor baby. That's traumatic in so many ways.

My dear friend here was hit by another vehicle back in December, and she's having a great deal of problem with whiplash, muscle spasms, numbness, pain, etc. And my new blogger friend ( http://thedahnreport.blogspot.com/ ) was hit by another car this afternoon. What's with all those crazy people out there?!?!? C'mon folks, drive more carefully, please - and ease up on my friends and loved ones.

We've really hated this long, long, LONG run-up to the Presidential election in November. But there's no denying that it's become more interesting since the primaries began. We haven't had this much of a free-for-all in years and years. Not that it's "free", of course. The amount of money being spent is obscene, isn't it.

John and I got our pictures in the paper this morning. On the front page of the Sports Section, no less. Well, sort of. The photographer got a great show of one of our Lady Mocs making a lay-up, and there we are - blurry, but recognizeable (at least to us), in the background. I saved the photo from the Times Free Press web site. I'd put it here, but I'd be concerned about copyright laws, even with appropriate attribution. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Today's photo is of another, slower, way to travel. Right.....


Anonymous said...

Found you on the web site


Mary Z said...

Glad you found us. We do love our Lady Mocs!