Monday, January 14, 2008

A Long Day

I had one of those nights last night when I couldn't sleep. I finally got to sleep about 2 a.m., but then was up at 6 to go to swim class.

Today was really a busy day. After swimming and coffee, I went to the post office to mail the quarterly tax payment (certified mail) and the box to Kate (heavily insured). Then the Wal-Mart trip. I decided to postpone the laundry until Tuesday - just too much else going on. We played bridge all afternoon - yucky cards - stayed at the same table the whole day. We came home briefly, then went out to eat (at Blue Orleans - YUM) before going to another basketball game. Whew! At least our Lady Mocs won over UNCGreensboro (77-50).

And now I'm in the chair, finally getting the morning paper read and getting caught up with the computer. I need to post to my blog and might make the 11:00 news. But then I'm going to crash, and, I hope, sleep late.

Apropos of nothing, except that I like it, today's picture is looking up into the staircase from the foyer in the Museum of Modern Art in Glasgow, Scotland.

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