Thursday, May 26, 2016

Will the TV work today????

Saturday, Margaret brought me a TV to put in my bedroom.  Now to get it hooked up.  Plugged into the wall.  Check.

Monday, bought a coax cable at BestBuy.  Got Maintenance to plug that into the wall.  Check.Nothing yet.

Tuesday. Called Comcast to get things set up for a second TV.  They're to send me a box to hook up so I can get cable and HD.  Did I want a tech to come to install it?  No, I'll try it myself.  Did I want it sent overnight?  No.

Wednesday.  Cable box arrived.  Maybe I can do this.  Simple directions.  I can reach everything.  Various cords and plugs attached.  Nothing.  Asked Maintenance to come Thursday to try.

Thursday.  Maintenance came about noon.  He couldn't make it work.  Called Comcast.  The tech gal spent about an hour with me on the phone talking me through various steps, plugging and unplugging, periods where she did things at her end.  No luck.  She finally gave up and said she'd have a tech come out.  It turned out someone could come today, maybe as late as 8 p.m.  The tech showed up before 3.  He did a bunch of things, then went to the truck to get another box.  Before 4 p.m., he had it working!!!  He said he had to remove some sort of filter from the TV (at least I think that's what he said), so it's something someone else would never have known to do. 

But tonight, I get to do something I've never done in my own home before.  If I choose, I can watch the 11 p.m. news from my bed.

It's these little things that make our lives so exciting!

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