Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trip Miscellany, part I

  1. Deciding to stop at Tamarack, the West Virginia Artisanal Retail Center was a good idea.  There are so many lovely things there - and just a good place to visit.
  2. Fog the next morning didn't help with trying to see the New River Gorge bridge.  Maybe next time.
  3. When your GPS tries to take you on a side route to save a few minutes, do you ever think the gal is sitting up there in the cloud, laughing hysterically over what she's gotten you to do.  That's the way I felt when she took us off in the williwags of West Virginia to save a mile or two.  Margaret swore she could hear the banjos from Deliverance.
  4. Alison & Joe's house is a late 1940s house - just delightful.  It's been added on to, probably more than once.  And the latest owner was a terrific gardener, so the yard is full of plantings and a koi pond.

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