Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trip Miscellany #3

  1. Forgot to mention that on the way out of Tennessee, we stopped to see Missy at her new (old) house in Norris. It was good to get a chance to visit with her.
  2. We had hoped to get a chance to see my nephew on our way to Dennis and Lisa's in Delaware, but it just didn't work out.
  3. We had a great visit with DJ and Lisa, getting to meet some of their many cats, and enjoying Dennis's cooking (believe it or not).
  4. When we left there, we headed down the Delmarva Peninsula.  We drove mostly along the Atlantic coast, checking out the many beach communities. We ended up crossing back onto the mainland across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel.
  5. Getting through the Norfolk area wasn't too bad (of course, I wasn't driving) as we got there before the worst of rush hour.
  6. We got to Jesse's.  He fixed our dinner - grilled tuna that he had caught the weekend before at Matt's bachelor party (deep sea fishing).  Yum.
  7. The next day we spent doing things in Elizabeth City, including the art center where Caroline works, then out to dinner.
  8. We left Wednesday morning at 6 a.m., heading for home.  Margaret drove the whole way, and got me home at 5 p.m.  She certainly did yeoman service with all the driving and planning.  Many thanks to her for such a wonderful week. 
  9. And then it was back to what we laughingly call normal.

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