Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday takes an off ramp

Today was mostly a usual Monday.  I went to swimming and coffee, had an eye appointment, and played bridge.  I even got some reasonably good cards this afternoon.  And then I went up to supper.

I always go later than most (I'm just not going to go to dinner at 5 pm).  Tonight, there didn't seem to be any places at tables where I usually sit.  I finally saw a place at a table where my first floor neighbors were just finishing, and I joined them.  Beverly and Richard sat with me and talked while I finished. There have been a lot of changes at the Terrace recently, and there's some "unrest" among the residents. Beverly had spoken to the Executive Director, and had agreed to start working on a Residents' Council.  She asked if I'd help her and (fool that I am), I agreed to do so.

So Beverly send me copies of e-mails she'd exchanged, and I started answering them, and I guess I'm going to wind up in deeper than I'd planned.  DAMN!  We shall see what happens next.

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