Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday 10

  1. Just as we went into Panera Bread this morning, the lights went partially out. Oops.  We guessed somebody ran into a power pole or that a transformer blew out.  Anyhow there was a minimum of emergency lighting, but they couldn't use anything that heated, or the computer/cash registers, etc.  Those of us who had ordered, got what they'd already put on trays, but we couldn't pay for it.  Those in the space before they locked the doors got coffee or hot water from the urns (as long as it lasted) for free.
  2. We settled in to have our coffee and to talk.
  3. Soon, staff brought around the timed-out souffles to give away.  A nice early lunch.
  4. We'll offer to pay for our coffee and bagels when we go in on Friday.  I wonder when they got power back.
  5. Vicki had one of her watercolor classes.  There were two of us there. I put paint on paper, but it was mostly mess.  Better luck next time.
  6. The cable box from Comcast/Xfinity came today. 
  7. I think I got it hooked up correctly, but I couldn't make it work.
  8. I can't get the Comcast remote to work.  The TV remote will turn it on, but nothing happens with the other one.
  9. I asked someone from Maintenance to come to try to get it done tomorrow.
  10. Carol and Stephen called and asked me to have dinner with them at Formosa.  Good company and good food!

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