Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Stealing

Doodley-Do Meme 

Stolen from: i take surveys 

Do you keep notes, drawings or letters that people give you? Sometimes.
How many true best friends are present in your life? My best friend of all is gone, but I have one or two others.
Do you currently have a significant other? Not any more - we were married for almost 60 years.
Would you be able to stand being in the same room as someone you hate?  At least for a little while, and hopefully I wouldn't have to talk to the person.  I don't really "hate" - it's not worth the effort.
Do you depend on people at all, in any way? Of course - in many ways.
Have you ever lost a close friend?  My closest friend.
Has anybody ever held a grudge against you for a dumb reason? Yes. I never really did understand it.

Have you ever stayed up late talking to someone you like on the phone or online? Yes
Have you ever felt backstabbed by a close friend? If so, I was oblivious to it.
Have you ever regretted ignoring anybody? Haven't we all been guilty of that?
Has a friend of yours ever confessed their love to you? Only John.

Have you written or drawn anything for somebody else? Yes, I'm a painter.
Do you tend to hide your emotions from certain people? How do you hide them? I can hide behind Southern Manners at times.
Do your friends know how to make you smile in tough times? My friends make me smile just by being here for me.
Could you picture yourself on a reality TV show? No way!
Are you better at drawing or coloring? For a painter, there's no difference.
Do you prefer meat or seafood? Mostly seafood, but I like them both.
Have you ever read the Bill of Rights / Declaration of Independence? Of course, but it's been a while.
Would you rather become a police officer or a firefighter? I'm very happy to let others take those responsibilities and honor them for their service.

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