Thursday, May 05, 2016

In Annapolis

We started out in the fog in Beckley, WV, this morning, heading for the New River Gorge Bridge.  It's a spectacular bridge over a very deep gorge.  We planned to go to the visitors' center and take a quick look.  Well, the look was quick, but we thought the center opened at 8, and it didn't open until 9.  So we took our look - which was a bit less than spectacular because of the fog.  It's still work a trip anytime you're in the neighborhood.  Then we headed out to follow the directions of our GPS gal to Annapolis.

Her route looked pretty straightforward on our map, so off we went.  But then......    As GPS is prone to do, she took us on a shortcut.  This went on a so-called "turnpike", which was a barely 2-lane road - although with a yellow line down the middle.  But then we missed a turn, and she had to correct us and bring us back to her chosen route.  Well, as the road turned into a single-lane road through by-God-West Virginia, Margaret started to hear the banjos from Deliverance.  And I decided that the GPS gal was sitting up there in the cloud laughing her ass off and what she was able to do with the pitiful women.  It was only about 10-15 minutes, but felt lots longer, and we were surely glad when we got back to the "turnpike", and then to the US highway.

Next it was onto I-64 and I-81, and the rain started.  I-81 is an awful road through some beautiful scenery.  It's full of 18-wheelers and lots of regular traffic  And lots of rain doesn't help.  Then we got into the D.C. suburbs and the Beltway, and lots more traffic.  It was early afternoon, though, so not as bad as it is at other times, and we got to Alison and Joe's about 3:30.    Needless to say, I didn't help with the driving today.

We've had fun checking out the new house, meeting the dog and cats again, and visiting with A&J.  Dinner was yummy at a nearby restaurant for tapas, followed by a quiet evening.  Sue gets in tomorrow and we'll see what that brings.

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