Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday happenings

I had my mani/pedi this morning. I had such wild nails for the beach time (turquoise and pink, with palm trees and seagulls), but I was tired of looking at them. Back to the usual almost-natural-with-a-sparkly-layer.

When I got hom
e, the painters had started with the pressure washing. John stayed home to get them started. They'll be back tomorrow to start painting.

His ankle must be pretty bad, because he's really letting me "treat" him today. He's spent most of the day in the chair with the foot elevated and with an ice pack. Plus he's taken some pain meds. Also, I found a support boot that I used when I had foot surgery. That's been a great help when he has to walk - and he's been using a cane. There's been some swelling, but not too bad.

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