Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

1. Bobby is now in a regular room, getting blood products and PT.

2. His surgery involved plate and screw fixation of the femur fracture.

3. The seven (!) tree trimmers came on time this morning.

4. They finished in less than 45 minutes and cleaned up everything!

5. We had a great lunch at Sticky Fingers with Diane and Harry.

6. I got a short nap.

7. John got a long nap.

8. Tina came by for a little while.

9. Our friend, Renna, is still in the hospital fighting a severe infection.

10. The World Champion US Women’s Soccer Team will be playing an exhibition match in Chattanooga.

11. Tickets were sold out in two hours. Scalping in Chattanooga?

12. Hooray for the South Carolina Legislature for voting to remove the Confederate battle flag from their state capital grounds.

13. It’s summer - hot, hazy, humid, temperatures in the mid90s, chance of late afternoon thunderstorms.

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Shigeyuki Sato said...

Google-mapped Sticky Fingers. It looked a very nice place to enjoy lunch.