Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Update plus miscellaneous stuff

Bobby had his first PT session today. She said he stood up twice, but didn't make it to the chair. They’re keeping in the ICU again tonight. His blood pressure is too low and his “blood is thin”. They’re giving him blood/blood products. She’s staying with him - in a recliner chair.
After coffee this morning, I did grocery stores again. I could only do Walmart yesterday because of the pain in my knee. I went to Publix for one specific thing, but got some Rainier cherries (a once-a-year splurge) and some peaches, too. Then I went to Aldi for some basics from there. And my knee went "out" in each store. So I guess it's any grocery store that bothers my knee - not just Walmart. I'll do what John wants and start riding a cart in stores that have them. Plus wear the knee brace and maybe carry a cane.
I love Canadians!  Click here for a story that really tickled my funny bone.

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