Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tough Wednseday

I’ve had a tough time trying to write the last few days. Nothing much has been going on with us personally.

The horror that engulfed Chattanooga last Thursday has pretty much consumed all news and all conversations. The mourning for the fallen is ongoing and the pain will last and last. But life goes on.

Two of the funerals will be here, the first on Friday. Both burials will be in the National Cemetery here in Chattanooga. Marine Staff Sgt. David Wyatt and Naval Logistic Specialist Randall Miller had put down roots in our community and their loved ones wanted them to be here. Sgt. Wyatt’s service will be limited to family and military personnel, but they have asked that people wishing to pay their respects line the streets between the church and the Cemetery. I can guarantee you the route will be solidly lined for the just under 10 mile route.

We’re glad we live in this proud and caring community.

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