Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Stealing

I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly Meme

Stolen from: Gabs survey

1. Have you ever had a pen pal?
I think I did, but it was a zillion years ago.
2. What’s your favorite breed of dog?
Mutt, rescue dog, yours
3. Can money buy happiness?
It’s what they say - money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a way to be unhappy.
4. Do you listen to music when you’re down?
I like to listen to music anytime.
5.What is one thing you spend way too much money on?
Probably yarn, but not really that much.
6.Can you honestly say you’re okay right now?
Not too bad - could definitely be worse.
7.What was the last thing you spent money on?
Coffee at Panera
8.Is your current hair color mostly your natural hair color?
It’s all my own grey
9.Who have you texted in the last 24 hours?
Jean, Tina, Renna, Missy
10.Were you in a good mood last night?
Sure - I’m in a good mood most of the time.
11.Do you have a reason to smile right now?
It’s been a pretty good day
12. How often do you hold back what you want to say?
Probably not often enough
13. Do you think that in the end, everything will fall into place?
Things don’t always work out like they’re supposed to, but I guess they do most of the time.
14.Are you currently looking forward to anything?
Near term - massage next week; next month, Canadian Rockies
15.Do you have any TV shows on DVD?
Northern Exposure, Sports Night, probably some others.

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