Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Only one grocery store today.

2. I forgot only a couple of things.

3. My massage was great, as usual.

4. I tried to make an appointment with another surgeon for an earlier appointment. They’re to call me back.

5. John went to a class for first-time-Android users and says he learned some things.

6. He went back to the dentist to get some adjustment to his implanted tooth.

7. Pop-up thundershowers in the area, but only a few drops of rain at our house.

8. Tina brought carry-out from Formosa for us and Missy.

9. Always great to spend time with the girls.

10. Petty Officer Randall Smith was laid to rest at our National Cemetery today, the last burial of the five servicemen killed here on 16 July. RIP

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