Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The best news ever!

John had his CT scan this morning. And he is officially IN REMISSION!!! No oncology appointments for 3 months. We had been getting increasingly antsy over the results - as you might expect. So, WOW, what a relief!

But, as we all know, Mother Nature has her way of keeping us humble, and She thumbed her nose at John. As he was going to bring the car up the driveway, he rolled his ankle and fell. Other than a skinned knee and some scrapes, the worst problem is a bruised hip and a severely sprained ankle.

The poor baby has really been limping around, but has kept it iced and elevated and has even taken some pain medicine.

The painters are coming to start on the outside of the house in the morning, so he has to be at home anyway. More rest and ice.

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