Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tuesday news

We got an upgrade to our cable system today.  The tech guy was here before his scheduled time (!), with the new box, hook-up, buttons pushed, new book, and instructions on how the recording feature works.  We tried it tonight, and will be checking it out tomorrow - just to see if we can actually work it.
We're not really going into the tech area kicking and screaming, but we're definitely not on the fast track.
I have my last scheduled PT session tomorrow, and the next doctor's followup appointment on Friday. I'm going to ask the therapist what my prognosis is; whether she thinks I can increase strength and range of motion on my own at home; or whether she thinks I could benefit from another series of sessions.  Then the doc and I will talk about it.


Sato said...

Look forward to your new cable system which will work more wonderful. I'll introduce my new video posted on Vimeo.

Harriet said...

I have new cable too -- obviously -- but I won't turn it on till I clean out four days' worth of emails.