Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I sort of didn’t get anything written yesterday. I was going to post an “I’m taking the day off” notice last night, but then the computer got cranky on me and I had to just shut it down. My bad! Sorry.

Mostly I haven’t had much to write about. Sue, Margaret, and John are exchanging e-mails and calls - getting plans in place for the trip on the Erie Canal later this month. That’s such a terrific trip.

We started looking at the England photos tonight - lots of work to be done there. I’ve got to do more work with getting John’s and my photos properly meshed before we can do too much editing. Then eventually, we’ll have to decide which of the zillion picture of Stonehenge we want to edit out. 8^) Oh, well - it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.
And the photos right now are still from our trip in September 2009. This is from SSmith Island, MD.

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Sian said...

Will you have your England photos online somewhere?? I would love to see them! I love your artist's eye for taking a photo and it would be great to see it taking in England!

Mary Z said...

Sian, they're not on line - sorry. I'll be posting them sometime, but it'll probably be a while.