Friday, September 03, 2010

Second time.....

John decided that we’d try for the movie and haircuts again today. And we’d do most everything differently.

We did ask Tina to go with us again - and she said yes. We decided that we’d go to the movie first, and then go get our haircuts.

John drove today (in the interest of doing things differently), and we headed across town to the movie theater. Guess what! They’d changed the times of the movies, and we missed it again. No movie today….

Are we believing this?!?!?!? John says he guessed we just weren’t destined to see this movie. Next we laughed our way over to take Tina home and go to Great Clips for our haircuts.

Well, at least we accomplished that! And we don’t look quite so shaggy - as we don’t see movies.

When we got home, I signed up for Netflix and put “Get Low” in my queue to be delivered as soon as it’s available - plus some other movies I managed to miss over the last year or so.

Later, John called Ann to wish her a belated happy birthday. She had just read yesterday’s blog entry, and was writing us an e-mail to tell us that we absolutely MUST see “Get Low”. And that after we saw it, she wanted to talk to us to see how we liked it. So now, we’ll try one more time.

And who knows?!?!? Maybe the third time is the charmed…
Smith Island, MD.

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