Thursday, September 23, 2010

John heads out

John got off about 6:15, and got to just south of Cleveland. He said the day was just long - not too difficult.

An article in the paper this morning says that 2010 was Chattanooga’s hottest summer on record. These are their numbers:
83 - average temperature in Chattanooga in June, July, & August, or 5.2 degrees above normal.
7.91 - inches of rain during J,J&A, or 4.4 inches below normal.
111 - peak heat index in degrees in Nashville on 4 August, when actual temp averaged 100 degrees across the TN Valley.
34 - number of days this summer when the heat index in Memphis was at least 105 degrees.

I went to the movies this afternoon - went to see one that John's sister recommended - Winter's Bone. I would not particularly recommend it. The acting is terrific - the young woman lead was in almost every scene and is really good. But the whole movie is dark and depressing - that's why John didn't want to see it. Enough said.

Then I was going to get a haircut. There must be something out there that wants to keep me from getting haircuts on time. I came from the movie through town, and was going to get off at the proper exit, but traffic was backed way up onto the highway. I decided to just skip it - and that was definitely the right decision. About a half-mile from the end of the exit ramp was a large building fire (a local BBQ & tavern), and the whole road (3 lanes in each direction) was blocked off with fire truck and police cars and a glut of cars. Oh, well..... I called and told our gal that it seemed to be fate, but that I'd try again tomorrow.

Then I stopped by Papa Murphy's and got one of the chicken/garlic pizzas for tonight. It was pretty good - could stand more garlic, though.
This is the cemetery at the 1874 church in Snaefellsnes.

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