Friday, March 24, 2017

Health care (but not about what happened in D.C. today)

I've been bopping along - dumb, fat, and happy - with my Medicare, prescription drug, and supplement insurance.  No problems.  Definitely sympathizing with those who aren't as fortunate as I.  Today things got interesting. 

I had ordered two of my maintenance prescriptions (for an eye problem and high blood pressure) which have always come as 90-day supplies.  I've taken both of them for years.  I got them today and they were 30-day supplies. This had happened with the eye medication, but I thought the problem had been fixed.  30-day supplies would mean I would be ordering meds ever week or so, and paying a monthly co-pay, as opposed to once ever three months and paying two co-pays instead of three. Needless to say, I was pissed! 

I got on the phone to Express Scripts and, amazingly, got a human on the line right away.  She quickly understood what I was telling her and put me on hold to figure out a solution.  Turns out, beginning this year, these two drugs have been moved to a higher "tier" and are only available as a 30-day supply.  These are non-narcotic, generic drugs - not the latest "hot" brand-name, highly-advertised goodies.  There is absolutely NO reason for them to be put at a higher price.  I told the gal this was absolutely unacceptable, and what should I do about it.  She told me I should call my providers and ask them to call the number she gave me and request moving the meds to a "lower tier", so I could get them in a 90-day quantity.  This is obviously just a way to get an additional co-pay for a not-particularly-profitable medication from people not savvy enough to complain.

 I now have calls in to my doctors to get into this process (of course, the offices were closed on Friday afternoon).  And is there anybody out there who thinks Big Pharma and the insurance companies don't call the shots in our medical care??

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