Friday, June 24, 2016


I can't remember, other than traveling, when I've had such a long, full day.  At the risk of boring you, here's the timetable:

6:30 - leave for the Y ( locked my apartment keys in the apt.)
7-8:15 - in the pool
8:45-10 - coffee with the swim buddies
10-12:30 - movie - Went with Renna and Joyce to see The Free State of Jones.  This is based on a true story from the Civil War - one I'd never heard before.  Stars Matthew McConaughey, and is quite well done. I left just before the end of the movie in order to get to
1:00-4:00 - duplicate bridge.  My partner (Jane) and I came about 4th out of 12 couples - so not too bad.  Fun, in any case.
4:30 - home, where I had to call to get someone to come let me in the building and into my apartment.  Sighhhhh.
5:30 - to the dining room for supper.
6:30-9:30 - played bridge in Betty F's apartment, along with Virginia and Elizabeth.  These gals are much older than I, and such fun!  I've got them snowed, though - they think I'm a fabulous bridge player and argue over whose turn it is to play with me.  Of course, I'm afraid I'll get found out before too long.
9:30 - home to collapse and get the morning paper read and computer stuff done.

All in all, a really great day.  And we're going to play bridge again Sunday afternoon.  8^)

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