Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Wednesday edition of Sunday Stealing

Great Eighteen Meme

Stolen from: i take surveys 

Anyone have anything of yours? Lots of folks have my love, my friendship, my admiration.

Go five months backward or forward? I wouldn't want to relive the last five months, and don't want to skip the next five months.

Are you excited for anything? I'm excited about Matt and Claire's upcoming wedding, going to the beach, going to Maine, Andy and Erica's wedding, life in general.

Do you like rain? I like rain. Thunderstorms, not so much.

Were you happy when you woke up today? Not as much - I woke up before 5 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep.

How was this past weekend? It was okay.  When you're retired, weekends aren't much different from the week in general.

Are you a shy person? Not too much, although I'm happy to be in myself.

Is there something you’re happy about at the moment? Lots of things.

Have you ever tripped while walking up the stairs? Of course - up the stairs, down the stairs, walking on a flat floor.

Is there anybody you wish you could be spending time with right now? John, of course

You can only drink ONE liquid the rest of your life, what would it be? Water.

Did you hang out with anyone today? I hung out with Vicki for a while.

Do you get cranky when you’re hungry? Not really.

Do you have any pet peeves? In general, bad grammar, bad manners, hate, intolerance - in general, right now, Trump.

What’s your sign? I don't pay attention to such things, but Pisces

What time do you wake up most mornings? Depends on the date, but usually between 6 and 7:30 a.m.

 Ever wish you were someone else? Not really

What do you think about before you go to bed? Usually, just getting some good sleep.

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