Tuesday, June 07, 2016

It's Tuesday!

I've been bad about not writing this week.  There's not been much going on - and we've been thinking about the upcoming wedding and festivities.  Let's face it, the grandmother of the groom may be a necessary part of the genetics, but is pretty low on the ceremonial totem pole.  And that's super with me!  I just have to show up, smile for the pictures, enjoy all the happiness, and have a good time.

I had my mani/pedi this morning, and have gotten out the clothes I plan to wear (maybe).  I'll get a haircut in the morning.  Margaret's going to pick me up midday on  Thursday, and we'll be off.

Locally, the big thing around home has been the food.  When I moved in the food was really good - well known in the community in fact.  Over the last couple of months, the long-time chef left (moving on to bigger things); the ownership of the facility changed hands; a new chef and cooks were hired; the food supplier was changed.  This obviously was too many coincidental things going on - and what suffered was the food.  It went downhill dramatically and "the natives got restless".  We've had a number of meetings on the subject and there's now one person (not me!) spearheading things.  And, although it's spotty, the meals have gotten progressively better.  Last night's grilled salmon, corn on the cob roasted in the shucks, and rosemary potatoes comprised one of the best meals we've had since I moved in.  I didn't order tonight's dinner (I assumed there would be lots of bell pepper), but almost everyone said it was really awful.  There's another Food Committee meeting tomorrow afternoon.  I wonder what that one will bring.  Stay tuned.
And we have a woman nominated for President of the U.S.!!!

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