Friday, June 03, 2016

Frustrating Friday

Well, all day wasn't frustrating.  Swimming and coffee were fine, except for having lots more back pain than usual.  Some XS acetaminophen finally took care of that problem when I got home.  That plus some good chair time. 

Then things went south. (Warning:  lots of knitting talk coming up!) I've started a new knitting project - a short-sleeved pullover sweater with some yard I had in the closet. Knitted in the round, the first problem was last week.  There are 232 stitches, so it takes a while to get around.  I got up about 10 rows before I realized I had twisted it at the join.  Oh, was time for some "frog" knitting - ribbit, ribbit!

Yesterday I finished the ribbing and started on the increase row for the body.  It's to end up with 288 stitches.  I got almost all the way around and realized it wasn't working.  The directions were not hard to understand, but were printed in such a way that it was hard to read them.  And I screwed it up.  This time I couldn't "frog", I had to TINK (that's KNIT backward, i.e., taking it out one stitch at a time...about 275 stitches.  I copied the directions on a separate sheet in a more readable format and took off again. I got almost around, and again it didn't come out right.  This time, I had misread the directions.  I couldn't deal with it last night, and put it off until today.

This morning, there was more TINKing.  Plus some well chosen words.  I was checking with counting about 3/4 of the way around, and AGAIN, it wasn't coming out right.  More well chosen words!  This time I only had to TINK half of it.  But the third time was charmed - or maybe it was the fourth - I lost count, and I'm finally into the actual body of the sweater.

Now it's just mindless knitting with some small cables for a while - at least I hope so. 

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