Monday, June 20, 2016


When I moved into The Terrace, I didn't know I would have such great neighbors...especially the couple on one side.

Richard is a gardener guy - a real green thumb type.  I've encouraged to expand his gardening into "my yard", which he's done.  The flowers are fabulous, and I'm sure they'll continue to be all summer long.  He even waters the pots on my deck when I'm out of town.

And then there's Beverly.  She's a painter - nonrepresentational - in acrylics.  She does big wonderful pieces and mostly sells them for the cost of replacement materials.  She and I think a lot alike politically.  And she writes poetry. 

Wiggelly wobbely, jiggely tottery,
Tittering toppelly, down we go.

Dance of the 80s, tune for the ladies,
Step for the lateleys, just for the slow.

Plodding and joggering, staggers and caners
And walkers and wheelchairers only can know.

Once was the limbo, the elbows akimbo,
High heels on feet when the music would flow.

Now it's the sneakers, the old wornout creakers
And unwelcome toots as we wearily go.

But we count our blessings, we smile, go on pressing
In our latter days cause we jut don't like woe.

So wiggle and wobble, totter and toggle,
And keep up your spirits, we're still here, ya know.

How lucky can I get?!

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