Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wedding weekend

Matt and Claire's wedding was wonderful - and they are now well and truly married.  And off on their honeymoon to Jamaica. 

Margaret picked me up on Thursday and we headed to Kennesaw. The rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner went well.  The meal was delicious and I think all had a good time.  Of course, the wedding party was all there, but also our wonderful family and friends had started to arrive, too. 

On THE day, more people started coming in and the visiting and fun started in earnest.  And the heat - it was to be in the upper 90s over the weekend.  As could be expected, there were a few glitches.  The main one was that Jesse had had his suit ordered with the others and it was delivered to him in NC.  When they were getting dressed, they found he had been sent the wrong color (grey instead of tan).  OMG! Incredibly, they found a store with the same suit, right color, and Jesse's size not too far away.  Margaret, Jesse, and Caroline managed to get the suit and get back in plenty of time.  And Margaret was able to take care of the 6" extra length of the pants with safety pins (I guess nobody had duct tape - but it worked). 

After that, all went without a hitch.  The ceremony was lovely and brief - good since it was outside and so hot.  Everybody was glad to get into the a/c.  It still got pretty warm inside with all the bodies - especially after the dancing started.  But it was a great evening. 

Anne & Nick and Flo Jean & Don came back to Chattanooga.  These dearest friends wanted to see my new home and to visit just a while longer.  FJ&D went on home, but A&N stayed overnight here at the Terrace.  In the evening, I drove them to the Sculpture Fields to see where we had planted John's tree.  It's doing well, and someone (I know who you are!) had even been there a tied new ribbons on it to give him a hug. 

A&N left this morning, and got home safely.  I did my laundry, ate breakfast in the dining room, and then stayed at home the rest of the day.  I didn't see or talk to anybody - just got a good rest-up before starting a new week. 

Thanks to all for such a wonderful celebration of old and new lives, continuings and beginnings.  Our joy is so sweet and, I think, makes our sorrow for the families of the Orlando victims even stronger and deeper.  Our hearts are there, too.

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