Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday miscellany

I played bridge tonight (for the second time) with the other three gals from here.  It makes for a fun evening.  I'm definitely the most active of the four, and may be the youngest (definitely no older than second youngest).  One was married just after WW2, so I figure she was born maybe between 1935 and 1930 - not sure about the other older one.  The two oldest gals are both in assisted living and using walkers.  They can get a bit vague at times, renege from time to time, and table talk, but deep down inside, they are really good players.  And pretty sharp most of the time. The oldest one keeps score, and is sharp as a tack at that - even mostly adds it up in her head - and gets it right.  It's going to be fun playing with them. 

Our snow/ice was all gone this morning, but I still stayed in the building all day.  I'm going to get out to swimming in the morning.  We're supposed to get a lot of rain during the day, with maybe a little snow in the evening.  But the forecast is for us to miss the brunt of this storm.

The Lady Vols beat Vandy, and the Lady Mocs beat Mercer - a good basketball night.

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