Friday, January 15, 2016

Boo! Yea!

Boo!  Last night, I went out to a String Theory concert - going by myself.  When I got there, they were not letting people park in the only close parking lot.  I'm not able (or willing) to walk (alone and at night) from where I would have to park otherwise.  So I just came on home.  I'll call before the next concert to see if I can get in that lot.  If not, I guess I'll just pass on the rest of the season.  Phooey on that.

Yea! I've found a bridge game here at The Terrace.  Two of the "old-timers" had been playing with a foursome, but two of their group are no longer able to play. So when two of us showed up looking for a game, there were places for us.  We played tonight, and are set up to play regularly on Thursday evenings.  They are all pretty good players, so I'm a happy camper.

And there's a Lady Mocs basketball game tomorrow afternoon.

And Margaret's coming by Sunday afternoon.

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