Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday midday update

I left the hospital yesterday about 3.  Got some takeout from McDonald's , and checked into the motel. After a shower and dealing with expected leg cramps, I crashed about 8. I had breakfast at the motel, then headed to the hospital.

John had a pretty good night, only one low oxygen spell, and le looks good today. The "team" came in, and again, a good talk with them. His white count has been low the whole time, which makes this an atypical pneumonia. They're still thinking three or four causes - the radiation scarring, probably some damage before that, pneumonia, etc., and all exacerbated by and precipitated by the altitude.

They're continuing antibiotics, but orally. All IVs have been removed. He's been fed, bathed, clean sheets, and other bodily functions are working. Now the plan is for more improvement and to get us home, and to a lower altitude. The docs here are going to talk to medical people at the insurance company to talk about covering medivac. That might just wind up being the transport, just to get us to a hospital in Chattanooga. That's still at least a couple of days in the future.

They've pretty much worn him out, so I'd guess he'll sleep most of the afternoon.

As we told the doc, what we want most, and what I think will do him the most good, is to get home.  I wish I was Dorothy and could just click my heels.

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Bev Sykes said...

I'm glad to hear things are foing in tbe right direction. Hugs.