Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday noon, mountain time

After last night's panic, things are better today.  To recap, his oxygen level dropped to 55%, and the doc on duty was talking ICu and intubation .  John refused, and while was stuck in horrible traffic because of a wreck, (took 5 hours to do what is usually an hour drive), he started to improve. He was getting more aggressive oxygen therapy, and lasix to draw off fluid. The house doc this morning told him he hoped last night was the "nadir" of the problem.  John said first time he'd heard the word outside a crossword puzzle. 

The pulmonary team came by a little while ago. Great head guy, dr. Ward flemons. They're going to take over his case. Doc had spent time with radiologist going over scan. Still not 100% sure of problem, probably combination of scarring from radiation, scarring from something older, bronchitis, pneumonia ...all set off by coming to this altitude.  

So they're treating aggressively for pneumonia, with antibiotics and diuretics. No idea of when going home.  We'll probably be changing our flight so we don't go through Denver with even higher altitude. We could go directly to Chattanooga, too. Plus a Medivac flight has been mentioned as a possibility.  

Ann and Al have gone on to their week in Jasper. I'll be moving into the Travelodge Valley Park this afternoon, very near the hospital.  Btw, he's in #624, but no phones in rooms.  This is a bigger room , only two beds, but still co-Ed.  

Guess that's all for now.


northernknitter said...

Hope things are coming along today. Bad enough to be ill at home but away is a challenge. Sorry that your Canadian adventure is of the medical kind. Our family has on occasion been at Foothills Hospital and received excellent care. Sending good energy and best wishes your way...a Canadian reader.

Bev Sykes said...

Scary stuff. I'm glad things are looking up today. Hope John will be able to go home soon.