Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday Stealing

Shout Out The Answer Meme

Stolen from: My Random Randomness

Do you shout out the answers at the TV while watching quiz shows?
I haven’t watch quiz shows in years, but I have been known to shout at the TV
Do you get over-involved with TV or movie plots at times?
Not really, although I do cry sometimes.
What's the highest hill or mountain you've ever climbed?
Climbed? None. But the highest I’ve been on is in Switzerland, the Jungfraujoch (3,454 m.)
       Do you have a piggy bank? Nope
What's the fastest you've ever traveled in a car?
Maybe 80+ MPH.
Could you ever hand milk a cow?
I doubt it very seriously - and would never care to try.
Which was your favorite science? Biology, Physics or Chemistry?
Biology - and I never took physics
Have you ever had a surprise party? (that was an actual surprise)
I haven’t had one for me, but I gave John one for his 21st birthday - and it was definitely a surprise.
Have you ever worn clothing with the labels/tags still attached?
Not the outside labels.
Have you ever slipped on a banana skin?
Fortunately no. I fall over almost anything, though.
Are you scared of the dark?
Do you have a lawyer?
Not right now. The guy who wrote our wills has died. We’re waiting for Sarah.
If you had a paid year off, what would you want to do?
Since I’m retired, I’m pretty much there. But if someone wanted to pay all my expenses for a year, I’d travel.
How long did your last phone call last?
I was talking to a doctor’s office, making an appointment. It was probably 15 minutes or so.
Have you ever helped someone across the road?
It’s much more likely that someone will help ME across the road - at least I hope someone will help.
Have you ever been wolf whistled in public?
If that happened, I totally missed it.

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