Saturday, August 01, 2015

Culinary fusion

Fusion is the melding of several cuisines, hopefully to the enhancement of all.

I frequently head into meal prep with the intention of using leftovers, both fresh and out of the freezer. Tonight was no exception.

I had rice and fresh field peas (from Margaret and Bobby) left over from dinner last night. I thought I could add some sausage (kielbasa or brats) and come up with something like a Cajun red beans and rice. As I rummaged through the freezer, I realized there was none of that meat. All I could find sausage-type was breakfast sausage and two kinds of Italian sausage - hot and mild.

Well, let’s see what I can do with that.

So the dinner in a bowl was rice, field peas, and crumbled, browned, mild and hot Italian sausage. It was really quite good (if not reproducible). I guess we wound up with…

Cajun-Italian-Southern Fusion Cuisine.

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