Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Busy, busy

John and I were going to run separate errands today, but wound up doing them together. When we came out of Panera and got in our separate cars, his wouldn't start. He has a new battery, but knew he was having starter problems. We take our cars to Firestone, which is in the same center as Panera, so I took him there. We brought a guy back with us and he got the car started. We left it at Firestone to get a new starter installed.

Then we went to get John's new glasses (first time he's had any Rx glasses since his cataract surgery, but the doc thought he needed them now). The next stop was at Lowe's to get some Terro to control some little black (sugar) ants. Last was a stop at the credit union to deposit a check.

Home, then back out to pick up the car. That got us to lunchtime and naptime. The afternoon was finished off with a couple of tree-trimmers coming by to give us an estimate on some work that needs to be done.
Quite a busy day for us.

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