Monday, May 15, 2017

That was the week that was - part 2

Corrections:  Kate and Wayne, Sarah and Carson didn't arrive until Thursday.
Thursday: Margaret left early to meet Sarah at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville.  Randy went to Lexington to pick up Paul and Katherine.  Kate and Wayne went through Frankfort and saw the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans' Memorial on their way. Andy and Erica came in each day from Lexington, but didn't stay overnight.  There was a lot of talking and hugging and lying and knitting going on.  And the games came out - Mexican Train primarily.  I think tonight was the carry-out Chinese night for dinner.
Friday: Today it rained all day - hard. Various plans (including Shaker Village) were scrapped and, again, games were played and knitting was done.  Eventually some of the group decided to head out to one of the distilleries for a tour - rain be damned!  They enjoyed the trip and learned a lot about bourbon-making (and tasting).
Saturday: Saturday dawned bright and beautiful.  This is a lovely area of Kentucky, with green rolling hills.  Everything was clean and sparkling this morning. Those going on the private distillery tour were picked up by their bus and driver about 8:30. They were joined by newcomers, Joe and Haley (Katherine's brother and S/O)  Sue, Jean, Andy, and I went to Shaker Village and got tickets for the boat trip on the Kentucky River.  It was a very pleasant afternoon, going through a completely undeveloped, uninhabited stretch of the river.  The river was rising because of the heavy rain the day before, but it was still a good trip.  We picked up a large order of chicken strips on the way home, to supplement the left-over Chinese and pizza for supper.  One of the distilleries they went to was Maker's Mark.  When they bought bottles, they got to dip their own bottle into the red wax and have the name they wanted engraved on the bottles.  So there were a few purchases at that stop.  The evening ended with more Mexican Train and more hilarity.
Sunday: Happy Mother's Day to all!  Fairly quickly each of us headed home.  Margaret and Jesse brought me back home - a lovely drive down US 127 and TN 111.  A great time was had by all - especially this particular mother. 

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