Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ten Things Tuesday

1. All in all, it was a great Memorial Day weekend.  I hope yours was, too.
2. Margaret picked me up Saturday to go back to her place.
3. Sunday was full.  Lunch with Jean and friends at the Gerst House in Nashville.  Visiting with Don and Flo Jean at their place in the afternoon.
4. The birthday party for Beth was a big success and lots of fun.  There were almost 50 people there - family and friends to help.  It was very informal, inside and out, good food and conversation. Margaret and I got back to her house about 10:30.
5. Margaret brought me home Monday morning.  She spent a while here, moving hanging stuff around, adding new stuff (Boston ferns, geraniums, hibiscus plants).  I hope I can keep everything alive, and that we don't have a scorching hot, dry summer like we did last year.
6. I slept until about 7:30 this morning - it was lovely.
7. Missy called this morning, and I met Renna and her for coffee.  So great to spend even a few minutes with an old friend.
8. On my way home, I decided to drive by our house.  I was surprised to see that it was for sale.  I wonder why the folks decided to move after only being there for a little over a year.
9. Missed duplicate last night, but played bridge here tonight.
10. Nothing much going on the rest of the week.

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