Friday, May 19, 2017

Duplicate, etc.

Just swimming, coffee, and duplicate today.  I never do well at duplicate with the Friday partner - and we didn't have any of the good hands, either.  Oh, well - no points, but at least we finished in the middle.

I'm going on one of the Terrace trips tomorrow morning - a local train ride.  (After all this is the home of the Chattanooga Choo Choo!)  John and I had done this when we first moved here and the grands were little - about 25 years ago, so it'll be fun to do again.  Locally, there's an Iron Man competition (whatever THAT is) here this weekend, and totally screw up downtown traffic.  We're supposed to have nice hot weather tomorrow, but rain all day Sunday.


Michelle said...

Iron man = sporting event for the fit and daft. Swim a long, long way, cycle a long, long way and then run a marathon, like you do - Not!

Mary Z said...

Michelle - these folks are indeed "daft" - and definitely younger and in better shape than I am. I'll not be participating OR being a spectator. LOL

Michelle said...

Yay,dear Mary, you think like me!