Saturday, May 20, 2017

Clarification and excursion

The Ironman comes in various "strengths" of contests (re length, etc.).  It's pretty much a triathlon - swimming, cycling, and running.  There are going to be four different Ironman contests here this year - the organizers love Chattanooga.  And it's quite a challenge - with our mountains for difficulty in the cycling and running - and a flowing river for the swimming.  It turns out I know one of the major competitors in one of the older divisions.  I just found out my friend Vicki's son, who is in his mid40s (I think), is not only competing, but has been picked to be on the US team in a Switzerland competition later this year. Go Allen! 

The train ride this morning was nice.  Not very long - just a few miles, and not particularly scenic - mostly through a wooded area, but on an old historic track with bridges and a tunnel.  And the outing itself was fun. We were home in time for a late lunch.  A good time was had by all.  Except something popped in my new knee as I was getting off our bus, and it has been really sore since then.  I don't think anything is really wrong with it, but I decided to stay home the rest of the day, take pain meds, and baby it.

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