Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Some things work, some things not so much

I had several things I wanted to do before lunch today. Not 100% accomplished.  First I had planned to take the last of John's ashes to Ignis Glass - a local glass blowing craftsman - to get them incorporated into some glass balls.  I knew where the shop is located downtown, so I had no problem finding the place.  But there was no parking anywhere nearby.  I drove around the block a couple of times, but nothing opened up.  I guess I'll try another time.  That one didn't work.

My mission was accomplished at the post office.  Next to Walmart. It was sprinkling rain by then, but when I pulled up into a handicapped space, there was a riding cart parked right next to the space.  How lucky is that?  Not too much - I picked up all but one of my items in the personal items section, then the cart's battery died.  So off I go back to the entrance, hoping there is another cart there.  Success!  The rest of the WM trip was without incident, and I even found most of what was on my list.  Back to the car, loading the stuff in, and headed home.

By the time I got home, my knee was really hurting.  I took just the refrigerator items in, planning to pick up the rest later.  By the time I got to my door, the knee brace had slithered down round my ankle (so attractive).  Oh, well....

Lunch; pick up most of the other stuff from the car.  In the meantime, I've found out that my friend, Joyce, has had a brain bleed and is in the MICU for continued treatment and observation. And, since my knee still hurts, and is clicking each time I take a step, I called the doc and have an appointment to see him on Thursday.  And you now know more about my life than you even wanted to know.
But this all is pretty trivial when they're killing children in Manchester with shrapnel bombs.

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