Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The first day of a new year

 Today has been better, of course - swimming  and coffee.  I saw the rheumatologist, and got my bone density scan.  I'm at the point (osteopenia) where he's going to start me on Foxamax - we'll see how THAT goes.  I don't usually have problems with medications, but time will tell.  I asked him about knee replacements - maybe having both done.  He said having both knees done at the same time is usually done with "younger folks", but to check with the surgeon (that appointment is next week).

Nothing else this afternoon except for a nap.  I put out a second hummingbird feeder, hanging off the deck.  It's been fun watching them (about 6 of them) swirling around the two feeders. And for a while, there was a lovely little yellow butterfly sitting on the feeder, enjoying a snack.

I capped my day by listening (for the first time) to DT's speech from Arizona.  Scary!

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