Sunday, August 28, 2016

Such fun!

Jean told me that The King and I would be showing on the big screen at a local theater this afternoon.  How could I pass up this chance???  I almost backed out at the ticket window when the ticket was $13.50 - but I'd driven across town to see the movie, so...
It was super - nothing cut - and full screen. The dance scene is, of course, terrific - to say nothing of Yul Brynner in his prime.

I don't know how Jean found out about this.  I didn't see anything about it publicized locally.  Obviously it's something special that Turner Classic Movies (TCM) does from time to time. (Hint:  Jean, keep me posted.)

Then, on the way home, just as I got on the interstate, I drove into one of those frog-drowner rain showers and couldn't see a thing.  I turned the flashers on, and then got off at the next exit to drive the rest of the way home on surface roads.  Of course, when I got home, we'd had only a few drops here.

But, all-in-all, a great Sunday afternoon!

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