Thursday, August 04, 2016

Another good day

We went to the museum (the Hunter Museum of American Art) today, and spent most of the morning there.  The traveling exhibit and the permanent collection are very nice, and we enjoyed it. Next we went across the street to a very nice art gallery (fortunately we didn't find anything we couldn't live without).  And we had a nice light lunch at the nearby coffee shop.  After driving by the sculpture garden, we came back to my apartment to hang out for the afternoon.  We talked about the various excursions offered and make some tentative decisions as to which ones we want to do.  Fortunately, as traveling companions, we've never felt that we were "joined at the hip" and had to do everything together.  I know I won't be doing any of the guided walking tours, but will probably do some by myself - and do a couple of the museums and bus trips.  Time will tell.

And a new wrinkle in travel, devices, technology, and old folks. I got an e-mail from Delta that I could check in.  I followed the trail through the different instructions, and got to the place where it asked if I wanted them to send the boarding pass to my mobile device, send me an e-mail, or send me something to print.  Since neither Margaret or Al could get my computer to talk to my printer yesterday, I said send it to my mobile device and gave them my cell number, and clicked "next".  My phone promptly told me I had a text, and there was a square code thing-y that I assume will work for my boarding pass.  'Twill be interesting.

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