Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Saturday

Tennessee won their last football game of the season against KY, but it was the coach's last game, so maybe the team finally decided to play well. Kate's Andy used Margaret's tickets to go (she didn't want to go with him) - he wanted to go because they live in KY. It was really nasty, cold and rainy. But he's now home safe and sound.

Our Lady Mocs lost badly in the second round of their holiday tournament today. John went to the game, and he said it was really awful. We've got a lot of freshmen, and it's just going to take a while.

We had lasagna for dinner tonight. That's so good and so easy (I did my lasagna marathon a few months ago, so I just had to take one out of the freezer). We usually have lasagna for one meal during the Thanksgiving holiday.

I started some deeper coughing today, so got the Rx filled and started on the antibiotics this morning. Yuck! Just thought I'd better err on the cautious side. And now I'm really hoarse. Off to bed soon, and hopefully to sleep.

We've had a good weekend and loved having everybody here. But it's always good to have the house to ourselves, too. And we do have some wonderful leftovers!

Today's photo is the gorgeous photo of a Chilean landscape from the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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